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If your firm hasn’t simplified its business model, optimised its structure and removed waste from its operational processes then it’s expending unnecessary resource. We call this Untrue Efficiency.

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  • The four negative impacts inefficiency is having on your business
  • How complexity is the enemy of efficiency

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Does Anyone Calculate ROI Anymore?

Do you know how quickly you’ll achieve desired ROI from your IT projects? Not everyone does. Our latest infographic explains how shorter project durations don’t just produce ROI more quickly, they reduce risk too.

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Supply Chains, Continuity and Efficiency

Business continuity can’t be achieved through replication, it requires preventative design.

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Are you operationally efficient?

Is your firm operationally efficient? We all want to improve efficiency, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In this post, we discuss operational efficiency and suggest a few indicators that are worth remembering.

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How to Handle Inefficiency

It can be difficult to identify inefficient processes in your workplace. With this infographic learn five important areas where you can remove unnecessary complexity and become more operationally efficient.

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