Content aware reports ensure that the reports always display the latest and most up to date data and content with no manual effort required. Our content aware reporting delivers:

No Manual Effort

If a data change occurs in the production process there’s no need for manual research to find impacted reports or manual report re-run requests adding pressure on the deadline despatch date.

Automatically Identified Content Changes

Any change in data, text, commentary or content is instantly identified by the system, then automatically re-renders the impacted reports, updates the audit trail and is re-presented for review and approval.

Completed Reports

Even when new data or content arrives that impacts an already completed report, the report is highlighted to the reporting team and may be re-run with a single click.

Report Delays Avoided

Last minute data changes no longer cause issues or delays to the reporting process, Reporting as a Service identifies the data change, automatically updates the impacted reports and presents the updated report for approval.

Content Aware Reports

  • Guarantees all reports are up to date and contain no stale data or content
  • Fully automated process, with no manual intervention required
  • Full audit trail highlights all data and content updates
  • Removes all manual processing
  • Single click re-run facility if the report has already been completed or sent to the client
  • Automated STP minimises any delay to reports
  • The process creates quality reports and reduces the need for manual checking
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“Opus Nebula has enabled CCLA to automate the technical processes around client reporting thus significantly improving the consistency and quality of our reports, whilst simultaneously reducing the time and effort required to deliver them to our clients.”

Dr Alan Chapman

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA