Content Aware Reports

Automatically avoid “stale” data and content in your reports

Our “content aware” reports guarantee that the latest data and content is always displayed in the report – with no manual effort.
Stale data and out of date reports become a thing of the past.

No Manual Effort

The process is fully automated. For all changes the system automatically identifies the impacted reports and re-renders them to take account of the revised data, text, commentary or content.


The process is automated and 100% accurate. Whenever a change is made, and no matter how many changes are made or how many times; all changes to reporting content will be identified and reflected in the updated report.

Impact on Completed Reports

When a late change impacts an already completed report, the report is instantly highlighted to the reporting team as stale. The team may update the impacted reports with a single click. Because the report had been completed, both the original and the new report are retained within the solution.

Efficient Reporting

As soon as all the required data and content has been received for a particular report, the report will automatically render and move through the workflow process. This creates an efficient process where reports are produced as soon as possible rather than running a large, inefficient batch process.

Full Audit Trail

Each report produced is supported by a full audit trail, highlighting all data and content updates.

Quality Reporting

The “content aware reports” function means that completed reports require less checking; thus, increasing reporting reliability and report quality.

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“Having the entire end-to-end reporting process managed and controlled by a set of user-friendly dashboards provides a level of control and oversight that would be difficult to achieve any other way”

Jonathan Mundy, Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“No stale reports with Reporting as a Service”

Reporting Team Leader

“Edinburgh Partners are able to continue to provide bespoke and personalised reporting to our clients, utilising systems and processes that are insensitive to volume and future-proofed.”

Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“The user dashboards are simple, powerful and fast”

Manager, Investment Reporting

“Data files were dynamically linked so that any changes to the data could be immediately reviewed within the report output.”

Edinburgh Partners