Investment Reporting

Enhanced client experience. Increase reporting productivity. Future-proofed solution.

Client reporting is a cornerstone communication between an investment firm and its clients. Reporting as a Service is a highly automated client reporting solution which out of the box enables your reporting team to simply produce individual reports for your clients; efficiently, reliably, and at scale.

Bespoke Reporting

Investment reports that dynamically flex the content depending on the client, the investments and other data, create highly personalised reports, at scale. The inclusion of written commentary provides a further level of personalisation that further enhances the report.

Fully Automated and Error Free

Reporting as a Service fully automates the entire production process. From data ingestion and validation, through the report production, publication and review process, to the automated distribution of reports. No manual processes and no manual errors.

A Future-proofed Solution

Future-proof your reporting; the core service is updated every 3 months to ensure it still provides all the flexibility and functionality you need. Hosted in the cloud – there’s nothing for you to install.

Responsive to Change Requests

Specific enhancements or changes to reports are simply accommodated and typically delivered within 48 hours. Ensuring that your clients always receive great service and an up to date and highly personalised investment report.

Meeting Packs

Create bespoke meeting papers in less than 5 minutes; select just the elements you want to include in the pack, and the system will immediately produce the update report for the meeting. Client service at its best.

Remain in Control

Your reporting team manages the report production process and remains the key contact point with your clients. Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use. Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

“Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service solution allows us to produce world-class reports for our clients. The set up was quick, cost effective and straight-forward. This simple to use solution is definitely helping CCLA to service our clients better and to grow the business.”

Dominic Masterson

Head of Operations, CCLA

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Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting

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