Our History

Opus Nebula: a great body of work in the cloud

With over 60 years of experience between them in the investment management industry, the founding directors Andrew Sherlock and Shawn Obery had previously worked for a number of tier-one investment firms. Andrew is the client reporting domain expert and Shawn the IT technical guru. The founders identified a number of key industry trends that they believed would change the shape of the investment management industry.

They identified long term and relentless downward pressure on investment management fees and revenues, and therefore long term challenges to the profitability and sustainability of investment firms. Additionally, they noticed increasing demands from clients wanting improved levels of reporting, greater personalisation of reports and shorter delivery timeframes. Finally, they identified investment firms needed to manage and reduce their business risks and deliver solutions and change more quickly – the pace of change in the industry was such that long term projects may fail to deliver the required benefits, because the requirements had moved on by the time the project delivered.

Whilst these are general industry pressures, Shawn and Andrew specialise in client and fund reporting, and as such devised and created a cloud-based client reporting solution that incorporates their vast knowledge and experience, and addresses all of the identified industry challenges – thus Opus Nebula was formed in 2014 and the team set about defining and building Reporting as a Service®.

The first iteration of Reporting as a Service® was launched in late 2015. Since the launch there have been formal updates every quarter to ensure the solution remains flexible, scalable and efficient – and perfectly aligned to our clients’ requirements.

“Opus Nebula has enabled Railpen to fully automate the reporting processes leading to significant improvement in the consistency and quality of reports, while simultaneously reducing process risk. We are now able to deliver a superior level of service to our clients with greater cost efficiency.”

Geoff Smith

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

Our Philosophy

“We believe that investment firms should have access to the very best client reporting solution available, in order to provide complete, accurate, timely and tailored reporting to their clients. The solution should be flexible, scalable, cost effective, resilient and above all priced and delivered in a way that firms of all sizes can use.”

We’d like to get to know you better.

If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.