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Reporting as a Service®

A world-class Client, Fund and Regulatory Reporting solution
for the investment management industry

Our UK based team has developed a fully automated, end-to-end reporting solution. Once set-up on the solution, investment firms manage and control their report production process using our powerful suite of user dashboards to produce reports to their precise layout, content and branding.

Reporting as a Service is a multi-tenant solution securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Your data is ingested and validated, commentary added as required, and the reports are produced using our proprietary and fully automated workflow, to bring scale, accuracy and effortless precision to all your investment and regulatory reporting needs.

Reporting as a Service is secure and resilient and available 24 x 7 for your teams to use to produce highly bespoke and individual reports for your clients and investors at whatever scale you require.

FundTech Awards 2020

“Best Client Solution” – Commended
FundTech Awards 2020

WealthTech 100

Selected for the WealthTech 100 list
for two consecutive years

Reporting as a Service is designed to improve and simplify your client, fund and regulatory reporting. Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use; Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

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Your Data

Reporting as a Service is proven to integrate quickly and easily with your existing data feeds and data stores – whether internally sourced or from an appointed third party. Data validation rules are simply configured to help ensure your source data is complete, accurate and ready for publishing.

Your Team

The fully automated solution allows your reporting team to control the entire production process, from data ingestion, through report rendering, report review, approval and automated distribution of the completed reports. The efficiency of the solution frees up time for the reporting team to add value elsewhere and transform the overall client experience.

Our System

We are responsible for the reporting system and ensure it is available to your teams 24×7. Reporting as a Service is securely hosted in the cloud and your team login via a standard web browser. The solution continues to evolve, so that today’s reporting requirements and those of tomorrow are simply accommodated. Specific changes and enhancements to your reports are swiftly delivered by our technical team.

Your Reports

We configure the report templates to your precise layout, design and branding. The templates dynamically flex based on your data and your rules to produce highly bespoke reports, at scale, for each of your clients and funds. The automated distribution process means that your reports are delivered on time, every time. Each report has an individual audit trail, detailing every step in the production process.

Watch our 90 second video to learn more about Reporting as a Service.

“Opus Nebula has enabled LCIV to automate its client reporting, reduce reporting times and mitigate process risk. This is an important first step in the build out of our operating model. The first quarter’s reports were delivered on time and to budget.”

Brian Lee

Chief Operating Officer, London CIV

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We are proud fintech members of The Investment Association “engine” program.

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If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.