Reporting as a Service®

Our UK based team has developed the latest generation of reporting solution for the investment management industry.

Reporting as a Service provides investment firms, wealth managers and asset servicers with a world-class reporting solution without the costly overhead of managing, maintaining and developing the reporting system themselves.

The “as a service” delivery model significantly shortens the elapsed time to go-live as well as reducing the on-going costs and risks. On-boarding is typically completed in 6-8 weeks. Once set-up investment firms manage and control their reports and the production process using our automated “best practice” workflows and suite of user dashboards, adding commentary and content to produce client packs and fund reports to their precise layout, content and branding.

Reporting as a Service is cloud-based, secure and resilient, and available 24 x 7 for your teams to produce regulatory reports and bespoke reports for your clients, funds and investors, at whatever scale you require.

Reduce Risk | Improve Reporting | Cost Effective | Future Proofed

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Reporting as a Service is designed to improve and simplify your client, fund and regulatory reporting. Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use; Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

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Your Data

Reporting as a Service is proven to integrate quickly and easily with your existing data feeds and data stores – whether internally sourced or from an appointed third party. Data validation rules are simply configured to help ensure your source data is complete, accurate and ready for publishing.

Your Team

The fully automated solution allows your reporting team to control the entire production process, from data ingestion, through report rendering, report review, approval and automated distribution of the completed reports. The efficiency of the solution frees up time for the reporting team to add value elsewhere and transform the overall client experience.

Our System

We are responsible for the reporting system and ensure it is available to your teams 24×7. Reporting as a Service is securely hosted in the cloud and your team login via a standard web browser. The solution continues to evolve, so that today’s reporting requirements and those of tomorrow are simply accommodated. Specific changes and enhancements to your reports are swiftly delivered by our technical team.

Your Reports

We configure the report templates to your precise layout, design and branding. The templates dynamically flex based on your data and your rules to produce highly bespoke reports, at scale, for each of your clients and funds. The automated distribution process means that your reports are delivered on time, every time. Each report has an individual audit trail, detailing every step in the production process.

Typical Regular and Ad Hoc Reports

Reporting as a Service has the flexibility, power and capacity to produce a variety of reports at scale, including:

  • Valuation Packs/Quarterly Investment Reviews/
    Portfolio Valuations
  • Meeting Papers/Pitch Books
  • ESG Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting/KIIDs/KIDs etc.
  • Fund Factsheets/Product Term Sheets/
    Extended Factsheets
  • Performance and Risk Reporting
  • Investment Commentary
  • Client Letters

Watch our 90 second video to learn more about Reporting as a Service.

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We are proud fintech members of The Investment Association “engine” program.

We’d like to get to know you better.

If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.

“Opus Nebula has enabled LCIV to automate its client reporting, reduce reporting times and mitigate process risk.”

Brian Lee, COO, London CIV

“Opus Nebula has enabled CCLA to automate the technical processes around client reporting thus significantly improving the consistency and quality of our reports.”

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA

“Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service solution allows us to simply and effectively produce reports for our clients. The set up was quick, cost effective and straight-forward.”

Ken Fraser, Client Relations Partner, Edinburgh Partners

“This simple to use solution is definitely helping CCLA to service our clients better and to grow the business.”

Head of Operations, CCLA

“Working with Opus Nebula is the first time I have ever seen a client reporting project delivered on time and to budget.”

CEO, RPMI Railpen

“Edinburgh Partners are able to continue to provide bespoke and personalised reporting to our clients, utilising systems and processes that are insensitive to volume and future-proofed.”

Jonathan Mundy, Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“The user dashboards are simple, powerful and fast.”

Manager, Investment Reporting

“We saved over 80% of costs by utilising the Opus Nebula Reporting as a Service solution against an
in-house build.”


“Data files were dynamically linked so that any changes to the data could be immediately reviewed within the report output.”

Edinburgh Partners

“Throughout the project Opus Nebula’s ongoing support and responsiveness was a significant factor in helping us to meet our deadlines.”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“The cloud-based solution provides CCLA with strong Disaster Recovery”

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA

“We are confident that we have selected the right partner to deliver the solution and to work closely with us as our business evolves.”

Client Relations Partner, Edinburgh Partners

“No stale reports with Reporting as a Service”

Reporting Team Leader

“Edinburgh Partners selected Reporting as a Service to replace their legacy reporting system; initially providing “like-for-like” reports whilst delivering enhanced flexibility, scalability and a future-proof model.”

Edinburgh Partners

“Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service solution allows us to produce world-class reports for our clients. The set up was quick, cost effective and straight-forward.”

Head of Operations, CCLA

“Opus Nebula has enabled Railpen to fully automate the reporting processes leading to significant improvement in the consistency and quality of reports, while simultaneously reducing process risk”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“Report rendering is quick, no more long overnight production batches”

Team Manager, Fund/Investor Reporting

“The Opus Nebula Reporting as a Service solution produces highly bespoke reports for each of CCLA’s top tier clients in a vastly reduced timeframe”


“Reporting as a Service provides a speed of set-up that is not possible with traditional models and the out-of-the-box solution includes everything needed to manage and produce a comprehensive client report.”

Jonathan Mundy, Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“CCLA are now able to provide extremely high quality, bespoke and personalised reporting to our clients”

Head of Operations, CCLA

“The fund factsheets are highly informative and content-rich, and all the reports are automatically electronically distributed as soon as they are approved by the reporting team.”

Edinburgh Partners

“We are now able to deliver a superior level of service to our clients with greater cost efficiency.”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“The fixed set-up costs and the pay-per-use model are perfect for small and medium sized organisations.”

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA

“Having the entire end-to-end reporting process managed and controlled by a set of user-friendly dashboards provides a level of control and oversight that would be difficult to achieve any other way”

Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“CCLA are extremely impressed with the Reporting as a Service solution and wish to increase the volume of clients that are to receive the enhanced quarterly reports”


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