Fully automated production and distribution

Reporting as a Service fully automates the annual production and ad-hoc re-production of KIIDs.

Assured Accuracy

Automated data validation routines ensure that Reporting as a Service only produces KIIDs that are complete and accurate, at scale.

Cost Effective and Efficient

The pay-per-use model allows firms of all sizes to fully automate the end to end KIID production and distribution processes.

Automated Report Scheduling

Annual report scheduling and automated triggering of KIID refreshes means that end-year and intra-year updates cannot be missed.

Full Audit Trail

Each KIID is supported by a full audit trail.

Complete Coverage

Our report templates dynamically flex and adapt to produce KIIDs for each fund, shareclass, region and language required, at scale.


Exception based processes and clear user dashboards reduce business risk and ensure compliance with the Regulations.

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Investment Reporting
Commentary Management
Content Aware Reports
Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting

We’d like to get to know you better.

If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.

“We are confident that we have selected the right partner to deliver the solution and to work closely with us as our business evolves.”

Ken Fraser, Client Relations Partner, Edinburgh Partners

“The on-boarding process was very quick, our KIIDs were set up in under 3 weeks.”

IT Supervisor, Asset Manager

“The user dashboards are simple, powerful and fast”

Manager, Investment Reporting

“Data files were dynamically linked so that any changes to the data could be immediately reviewed within the report output.”

Edinburgh Partners

“No stale reports with Reporting as a Service”

Reporting Team Leader

“Report rendering is quick, no more long overnight production batches”

Team Manager, Fund/Investor Reporting

“The fund factsheets are highly informative and content-rich, and all the reports are automatically electronically distributed as soon as they are approved by the reporting team.”

Edinburgh Partners

“Updated data automatically schedules and runs a revised KIID for publishing”

Team Leader, Investor Reporting

“No stale reports with Reporting as a Service”

Reporting Team Leader