Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service streamlines and fully automates the annual production and ad-hoc re-production and distribution of KIIDs documentation.

Improved efficiency. The solution eliminates manual, error prone processes and all KIIDs that require re-publication during the year are generated automatically.

Assured accuracy. Each report is subjected to rigorous data checks prior to automated re-production and distribution.

Timely delivery. Configurable workflow dashboards enable users to track and precisely monitor the entire report production lifecycle. All KIIDs are dispatched ON time.

Faster to value. Our proven Reporting as a Service offering is highly cost effective and can be implemented in under four weeks. The flexible commercial model means that businesses of all sizes benefit from world-class reporting capabilities, whilst only paying for the reports they produce.

  • Automated data ingestion and data validation
  • Annual report scheduling and automated triggering of KIID updates
  • Automated production, with workflow dashboards to track progress
  • Management dashboards to monitor progress and highlight delays at a glance
  • Full audit trail for each KIID produced
  • Dynamic report templates to produce KIIDs for every fund, shareclass, region and language required
  • Traffic light system to manage deadlines and ensure all reports are completed on time
  • Automated distribution of completed KIIDs
  • Secure storage in the document library, with powerful retrieval facilities
“The fixed set-up costs and the pay-per-use model are perfect for small and medium sized organisations who can not necessarily justify or afford the cost and risk of running a large client reporting implementation project.” Dr Allan Chapman

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA