Asset Servicers

Enhance your reporting capability, simplify your model and be more efficient.

Improved reporting flexibility, improved reports, improved service.

Many asset servicers and document production firms suffer with older and less flexible reporting systems. This causes delays in initial set up, implementing changes and creates pressure within the regular reporting cycle. These inefficiencies mean additional cost.

These firms need a highly automated, flexible and exception-based reporting solution – but don’t need the time, cost and effort to build one.

Integrating with a world-class cloud-based reporting solution provider is cost effective, brings increased reporting flexibility, accuracy, scale, and future-proofs your model.

Reporting as a Service

Reporting as a Service is an end to end reporting solution, that contains all of the flexibility and functions that you’d expect from a world-class reporting system – delivered out of the box and configured to your requirements and those of your clients.

Rather than retaining an older inflexible system, or expending significant time, effort and risk building your own new system, asset servicers should look to partner with Opus Nebula and use Reporting as a Service for all their reporting requirements now and in the future.

Some key features of Reporting as a Service are noted below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and to see a demonstration of the full system and see how it can integrate into your operating model.

Data Ingestion

Golden source data is ingested directly from your systems, transformed, validated and stored in our proprietary data mart ready for reporting.


Continuous investment and quarterly core updates ensure Reporting as a Service remains up to date and able to cater for all your clients’ needs, today and into the future.


Tables, text, charts, commentary, images – all simply accommodated. Dynamic templates automatically flex to position and display content to your precise requirements. Multiple brands simply configured and automatically applied. All regions and languages supported.

Exception Based Processing

A fully automated end to end system and exception-based processing means that existing reporting teams can manage and produce more complex reports, with additional content and at greater volume.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Powerful data ingestors ensure the data is received and validated prior to report production. The “content aware reports” mean that all data and content changes are automatically captured, and the reports updated. Dynamic and self-checking templates ensure that everything fits on the page. Perfect reports – guaranteed.

Ease of Use

The simple user interface allows your reporting teams to manage and control the end-to-end report production and distribution process. With summary dashboards, detailed workflow screens and automated reminders, the system undertakes all the processes leaving the reporting team to manage the function.

Full Audit Trail

A full audit trail is automatically produced for each report, providing full details of every step of the report’s creation, review and distribution.

Visit our solution pages to discover the features and benefits of Reporting as a Service.

Fund Factsheets
Investment Reporting
Commentary Management
Content Aware Reports
Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting

We’d like to get to know you better.

If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.

“Having the entire end-to-end reporting process managed and controlled by a set of user-friendly dashboards provides a level of control and oversight that would be difficult to achieve any other way”

Jonathan Mundy, Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“Throughout the project Opus Nebula’s ongoing support and responsiveness was a significant factor in helping us to meet our deadlines.”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“Opus Nebula has enabled CCLA to automate the technical processes around client reporting thus significantly improving the consistency and quality of our reports”

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA

“Edinburgh Partners select Reporting as a Service to replace their legacy reporting system; initially providing “like-for-like” reports whilst delivering enhanced flexibility, scalability and a future-proof model.”

Edinburgh Partners

“Working with Opus Nebula is the first time I have ever seen a client reporting project delivered on time and to budget.”

CEO, RPMI Railpen

“We saved over 80% of costs by utilising the Opus Nebula Reporting as a Service solution against
an in-house build.”


“Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service solution allows us to simply and effectively produce reports for our clients. The set up was quick, cost effective and straight-forward.”

Ken Fraser, Client Relations Partner, Edinburgh Partners

“Opus Nebula has enabled LCIV to automate its client reporting, reduce reporting times and mitigate process risk.”

Brian Lee, COO, London CIV

“Edinburgh Partners are able to continue to provide bespoke and personalised reporting to our clients, utilising systems and processes that are insensitive to volume and future-proofed.”

Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“We are now able to deliver a superior level of service to our clients with greater cost efficiency.”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“The Reporting as a Service solution provides a speed of set-up that is simply not possible with more traditional models”

Head of Projects, Edinburgh Partners

“Opus Nebula has enabled Railpen to fully automate the reporting processes leading to significant improvement in the consistency and quality of reports, while simultaneously reducing process risk”

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen

“Data files were dynamically linked so that any changes to the data could be immediately
reviewed within the report output.”

Edinburgh Partners

“The fixed set-up costs and the pay-per-use model are perfect for small and medium sized organisations.”

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA