Commentary Management

Improve and personalise your client reports by including investment commentary

Our integrated commentary management solution is simple to operate and allows for written commentary to bring investment insight and personalisation to your client and fund reports, improving your client’s experience and adding genuine value.

Simple to Use

Individuals or teams of investment writers can contribute to the drafting process. The process is simple to understand and straight forward to use.

Multi-level Commentary

Commentary can be written at various levels, for example; firm updates, market, mandate and even stock level. These can be automatically and dynamically combined within the solution to provide a richer and more personalised investment report.

Multi Language

Commentary can be translated to any language and included in regional reports. Spell check is automated and works for all languages.

Integration on the Page

The commentary can be any shape and size you require and combine with other elements on the page to create a personalised and professional report pack.

Avoid Delays

Reporting as a Service automatically sends email prompts if the commentary is becoming late and may delay the report production process.


Each piece of written commentary is stored just once in the system – irrespective of how many times it is used. Any changes to a piece of commentary automatically re-renders all the reports using that commentary.

“Opus Nebula has enabled LCIV to automate its client reporting, reduce reporting times and mitigate process risk. This is an important first step in the build out of our operating model. The first quarter’s reports were delivered on time and to budget.”

Brian Lee

Chief Operating Officer, London CIV

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