Commentary Management allows for written commentary to bring investment insight and personalisation to your client and fund reports, improving your client’s experience and adding genuine value. Our unique solution provides:

Simple To Use

Investment writers don’t need to log in to a system to provide the written commentary, our simple to use commentary management process uses MS Word and email.

Multi Level Commentary

Commentary can be written at various levels, for example market and mandate, and automatically combined on reports as required to provide a richer output.

Automatic Spell Check

Our commentary management process supports full spell check and grammar check, while being flexible and preserving the agreed branding and look and feel.

Multi Language

Commentary can be in any language and spell check works specifically for each language.

Integration with Reporting Elements

Our report templates dynamically flex and adjust to display written commentary alongside the other reporting elements on a page so it appears exactly where you want it.

Long or Short Commentary

Written commentary can be any length you require from a few lines up to multiple pages and include images as required.


Reporting as a Service automatically sends the investment writers email reminders if the commentary is becoming late and may delay the report production process.


Your company branding, colours, fonts, logos, are all preserved and automatically applied to ensure continuity throughout the report pack.

Commentary Management

  • Simple to use process, no log on required
  • All amounts of commentary supported, from a few words to multiple pages, and everything in between
  • Individuals or teams of writers supported
  • Automated positioning on the page, dynamic relativity to other reporting elements
  • Reporting team can adjust commentary where required
  • Full audit trail automatically created
  • Commentary can be sized and shaped exactly as required
  • Images can be simply included within the commentary submission
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“Opus Nebula has enabled LCIV to automate its client reporting, reduce reporting times and mitigate process risk. This is an important first step in the build out of our operating model. The first quarter’s reports were delivered on time and to budget.” Brian Lee

Chief Operating Officer, London CIV