Asset Managers

The asset management industry is becoming more and more complex and is in need of simplification. There are many factors that create the complexity and few that simplify the model.

One area we can assist with and simplify is your investment reporting. Rather than asset management firms building and maintaining their own client and fund reporting solution, they can utilise Reporting as a Service.

Reporting as a Service

Reporting as a Service fully automates the entire end to end reporting process, from data collection and data validation, through report rendering and production to review and sign off. Signed off reports are automatically distributed and stored with their individual audit trail. Reporting as a Service delivers the highest levels of reporting flexibility, consistency and quality, and produces individual bespoke reports for each of your clients, at scale, with no manual intervention.

Rather than expending significant time, effort and risk building or extending your own system, asset managers should use Reporting as a Service for all their reporting requirements now and in the future. Reporting as a Service is securely hosted in the cloud, providing all the scale and capacity required. The solution is maintained by us and used by your teams to produce reports for your clients.

Like all great solutions, Reporting as a Service is simple to understand and use.

Your Data, Your Team, Our System, Your Reports.

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Asset managers choose us because we revolutionise and simplify their client reporting and servicing, by providing a world-class reporting solution in the shortest timescales available, with fixed set-up fees and pay-per-use pricing for ongoing production.

Reporting as a Service simplifies the current model, improves your reporting flexibility and team efficiency and also future-proofs your investment reporting, so that you can provide enhanced reporting to your clients now and in the future.

“This simple to use solution is definitely helping CCLA to service our clients better and to grow the business.”

Dominic Masterson

Head of Operations, CCLA

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Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting

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If you have any questions regarding our Reporting as a Service solution, please let us know by clicking the button below. Is your firm currently facing any particular ‘pain points’ with your existing client and fund reporting system? We would be happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss them in greater detail and explain how our cloud-based reporting solution may be the answer.