Opus Nebula’s Reporting as a Service is a highly flexible solution which enables users to very quickly and easily produce fund factsheets across all share classes, in any language. For fund factsheets our solution provides:

Bespoke Reporting

Content rich and precisely tailored reports are created containing; text, tables, graphs, commentary, footnotes and disclaimers.

Assured Accuracy

Each report is subjected to rigorous data checks prior to production and distribution.

Timely Delivery

Completed factsheets are distributed automatically and a full audit trail is always provided.

Faster To Value

Our flexible commercial model means that businesses of all sizes benefit from world-class reporting capabilities, whilst only paying for the reports they produce.

Fund Factsheets

  • Automated data ingestion and validation
  • Regular report scheduling or run-now options
  • Automated production, with email prompts and reminders sent automatically
  • Management dashboards to display progress and highlight delays at a glance
  • Secure document library for online access to all reports, past and present
  • Dynamic report templates that flex automatically depending on the client, fund and data
  • Traffic light system to manage deadlines
  • Report review and approval
  • Automated distribution of reports and content
  • Flexible and powerful report search and retrieval from the secure document library
Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting
Investment Reporting
Content Aware Reports
Commentary Management
“Opus Nebula has enabled Railpen to fully automate the reporting processes leading to significant improvement in the consistency and quality of reports, while simultaneously reducing process risk. We are now able to deliver a superior level of service to our clients with greater cost efficiency.” Geoff Smith

IT Programme Manager, RPMI Railpen