Wealth Managers

Many Wealth Managers operate with older legacy systems and manual processes that have been supporting their business for many years. Often these older systems are inflexible and require considerable time and effort to maintain and develop. The manual processes hinder scale and reduce accuracy.

When it comes to reporting to clients, Wealth Managers need flexible systems, able to produce personalised reports at scale for their clients, including commentary and a cover letter, reliably and on-time, every time. Changes to reports should be easily accommodated and swiftly made.

Wealth Managers are currently facing some significant challenges; on the one hand there’s increased downward pressure on fees and revenues, and conversely there’s a growing requirement from their clients for improved reporting; more content, more personalisation and relevance, and more timely.

This seemingly impossible tension between “doing more with less” can be resolved by using Reporting as a Service for your client reporting.

Reporting as a Service

Reporting as a Service fully automates the entire end to end reporting process, from data collection and data validation, through report rendering and production to review and sign off. Signed off reports are automatically distributed and are stored with their individual audit trail. Reporting as a Service delivers the highest levels of reporting flexibility, consistency and quality.

Our clients choose us because we revolutionise and simplify their client reporting and servicing, by providing a world-class reporting solution in the shortest timescales available, with fixed set-up fees and pay-per-use pricing for ongoing production.

Reporting as a Service is securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, bringing unlimited scale and capacity to the client reporting process.

We take care of the system while you take care of your clients – it’s a simple and effective model.

“The fixed set-up costs and the pay-per-use model are perfect for small and medium sized organisations who can not necessarily justify or afford the cost and risk of running a large client reporting implementation project.”

Dr Allan Chapman

Chief Technology Officer, CCLA

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