One of the most crucial aspects of any reporting project is the data; the identification of the golden source, the format and content of the data files, and how the data should be transferred to the reporting system. However, daunting as it is, there is a simple answer and it’s already right in front of you.

It’s simple – re-use your existing client reporting data files to feed the new system.

data files

The existing feeds already support the current reporting process and therefore can be re-used without extensive re-testing and this way, there are no new data extracts to be specified, developed and tested. Simply take a copy of the existing data files and pass them into the Reporting as a Service solution, via email or secure file transfer, (whichever suits you best). We will then map the data fields to our data mart. This may be supplemented by a basic Microsoft Excel file to include any additional data required, and “bingo”, the system is populated with data and ready to produce your reports.

In the event there is an on-going strategic data project, rather than delay the reporting project to wait for the strategic data project, once the strategic data project delivers, we simply replace the legacy extracts with an extract from the new data warehouse to feed Reporting as a Service. No other changes are required – it is that simple.

In order to accelerate testing of the new feed, we can load an extract from both the old and the new systems and see whether any data changes are identified by Reporting as a Service. The powerful data ingestors identify and highlight any differences between the two files.

As such, a traditionally significant and time-consuming element of any reporting project, can be simply and quickly accommodated with Reporting as a Service.

Reporting as a Service is a cloud-based system that provides investment firms with a complete end to end client and fund reporting solution, that is flexible, scalable and future proof. This allows users to manage and control the entire process and provide reporting of the highest quality to their clients.

To find out more about Reporting as a Service and how it benefits Wealth and Asset Management firms please visit our website at and email [email protected] to arrange a meeting and see a live demonstration of the system.

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula