Has anyone ever described your client reporting solution as a “cottage industry”? I recently found some interesting definitions of a cottage industry:

  • ‘a small and often informally organized industry’
  • ‘a limited but enthusiastically pursued activity or subject’

Cottage Industry LinkedIn

Do your current processes rely on specific knowledge held by individuals, those individuals undertaking manual tasks, the manual tasks being informal processes that include ‘favour-based workflows’ between work colleagues? Is your current process labour intensive, prone to error and is there often an ‘eleventh-hour’ rush of activity to get the reports out on time?

If you answered “yes”, to any of the questions above, it is likely that your reporting system/processes are highly inefficient, cost too much to run and take too long to deliver poor quality results. All of which could additionally, be holding back growth.

Reporting as a Service® transforms legacy reporting processes and older “cottage industry” reporting processes into a fully automated process, managed and controlled by your business users via state-of-the-art dashboards and automations, due to the efficiency of the system this allows for significant increases in reporting complexity and volumes, without the need for additional people. The system builds a complete audit trail for each and every report, to provide complete transparency over each step in the production process. The system future proofs your reporting and integrates with and supports your digital strategy.

To find out more about Reporting as a Service please visit our website at www.opus-nebula.com and email [email protected] to arrange a meeting and see a live demonstration of the system.

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