Now we have entered a new decade is it finally time to update your fund reporting solution and leave your legacy system in the past?

One of the reasons firms contact us is because they have reached the manageable limit of their report production process but still need to produce more reports each month. This is often for fund factsheets as fund ranges are launched, new shareclasses activated and distributed into new countries and regions.

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These firms are looking for an automated reporting solution that removes all manual effort and allows their reporting team to produce factsheets accurately and within the despatch deadline, with no restriction on report or production volumes and can be delivered very quickly. They also want to know if we can just match their existing reports, and of course we can, but under close scrutiny of the on-boarding project inconsistencies between the existing reports are often identified.

Whilst producing “identical” reports from a new system makes for a simple “tick back” of “old” against “new”, it allows inconsistencies that exist in the old model – due to issues such as multiple templates and manual processes – to be carried through and perpetuated onto new output.

On-boarding to a new system is the perfect time to reassess reporting, ensure consistency, make sure branding is correctly applied, that the rules regarding equal prominence are being adhered to in all appropriate circumstances, and that all the factsheets are created to exactly the same agreed standard across all funds, shareclasses, regions and languages.

Due to the efficiency of our model and because we typically use a single template for all factsheets it is actually less work and quicker for us to configure and ensure absolute consistency across your funds, shareclasses and languages rather than creating multiple templates that have to be individually configured and that might contain differences.

Reporting as a Service fully automates the end to end reporting process, and future-proofs your reporting due to its flexibility and inherent scale. With 100% of our clients’ requirements having been satisfied by Reporting as a Service. Start this year off right and find out how our reporting solution benefits firms of all shapes and sizes by visiting our website at or contact us at [email protected].

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula