I sometimes find that people think we provide a “managed service”.

With a managed service the reporting firm uses your data and produces all your reports for you, often handing back the finished product for your teams to check and send to your clients and investors. This type of managed service is often described as a “black box”, whereby you may not have any idea how the reports are actually produced, and therefore spend a lot of time and effort checking and amending the final reports.

So, what is Reporting as a Service?

Reporting as a Service is a multi-tenant, SaaS (software as a service) solution.

With our model our clients use their data to produce their reports for their clients – BUT use our cloud-based reporting system, rather than having to build, support and maintain their own reporting system.

So, our clients self-serve and produce their own reports. The reporting team manage the entire end-to-end reporting process themselves, without recourse to us (or any other project or IT teams). The system is therefore built for reporting team users.

The reports produced are to your exact specification in terms of content, layout and branding.

The user dashboards allow your reporting team to add, remove and adjust content with the flick of a switch in order to produce the exact reports required. This can be done for each individual client or fund at scale with no manual intervention. Furthermore, to ease the creation and inclusion of commentary, our integrated commentary management system simply and easily ingests written commentary to the reports as required.

Our pay per use model means that no firm is too small (or too large) for our solution. You simply pay for the number of reports produced, with discounts for higher volumes.

So, when you hear “Reporting as a Service” think reporting power and flexibility, automation and scale, cost effectiveness and cost savings, and above all think: world-class reporting for investment firms of all sizes.

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