Given the wide range of functions carried out by asset management and wealth management firms, and the complexity of these functions, it is all too easy to get distracted and lose focus or focus on the wrong things.

During these turbulent times there may have been a shift in focus for a number of firms while many of their employees are currently working from home. What may have seemed unimportant only a few months ago may now have become one of your top priorities.

Investment Firms Whats Important

I am sure we all agree that the regular client report, or the monthly fund factsheets are important. For the end investors they are a source of timely and reliable information on their investments and the investment process. For the asset or wealth manager, the report often represents the most common and frequent touchpoint between them and their clients. The client will judge the investment firm by the content, quality and timeliness of these reports. The timelier the material and the more relevant and well laid out content – the better.

However, whilst this confirms the report itself is important to both the investment firm and their client, the system that produces the report is not.

So long as the report is accurate, complete and timely the client would not care what system is used by the investment firm to produce the report. However, this is not true of the investment firm. The investment firm need the reporting system to be efficient, flexible and highly automated, otherwise they will be wasting time, effort and money producing and checking the reports.

Moreover, the investment firm need access to the very best reporting system, but do not need the expense and overhead of building it and maintaining it themselves. Given this, it surely makes sense for the asset and wealth managers to engage with a reporting solution provider who has a modern, flexible, pre-built reporting system, hosted in the cloud and easily configured to provide precisely the reports required for their clients.

By engaging with an expert reporting solution provider, the investment firm focuses on what’s important to them – the report and the client. Leaving the reporting solution provider to focus on what’s important to them – the reporting system.

Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use; Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

Reporting as a Service is a cloud-based system that provides investment firms with a complete end to end client and fund reporting solution, that is flexible, scalable and future-proof. This allows users to manage and control the entire process and provide reporting of the highest quality to their clients.

To find out more about Reporting as a Service and how it benefits wealth and asset management firms please visit our website at and email [email protected] to arrange a call and see a live demonstration of the system.

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula