Producing factsheets manually LinkedIn

Producing factsheets manually in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint always has its challenges.
Typically, these include;

Template Management
This is very complex to manage and often results in branding, layout and content differences between funds and regions/languages.

Reduced Volumes
Usually, a smaller number of factsheets are produced because of the manual nature of the process. Often teams produce factsheets at fund level, combining multiple share classes into a single document. This isn’t ideal, as the investor has to work out which share class they are invested in rather than receiving a factsheet that is personal and relevant to them and their investment.

Overcrowded Pages
Combining multiple share classes to a single factsheet also leads to a lack of space. Displaying multiple share classes on the single report means the space available becomes extremely limited. This results in a lot of time and effort being expended in squeezing elements on the page and moving them around to fit. This in turn makes the factsheets harder to read and more confusing to the end investor.

4 Eyes Checking
Due to the manual nature of the production process, many eyes may have to review and sign off the factsheets, resulting in delays to production and distribution.

Single Language Factsheets
In an attempt to reduce the manual and labour-intensive activities, some firms produce factsheets in the minimum of languages, perhaps even just English. Whilst reducing the burden for the investment firm, it contradicts the move towards personalisation of reporting to the investor.

As an industry we see a move towards personalisation of the factsheet and all communication with the investor. Fewer and fewer firms are producing fund level factsheets and they are definitely in the reducing minority.

Reporting as a Service solves all these “volume” related challenges and allows for the production of complete and accurate share class level factsheets, by region, for each language required.

With our cloud-based solution, set up is quick, typically within 3-4 weeks for factsheets, and the costs are probably cheaper than you’d expect.

Say goodbye to the complexities of producing factsheets manually. Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use – Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

Reporting as a Service is a cloud-based system that provides investment firms with a complete end to end client and fund reporting solution, that is flexible, scalable and future proof. This allows users to manage and control the entire process and provide reporting of the highest quality to their clients.

To find out more about Reporting as a Service and how it benefits Wealth and Asset Management firms please visit our website at and email [email protected] to arrange a meeting and see a live demonstration of the system.

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula