Where does your expert reporting knowledge reside – a few people in the reporting team or in a system?

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The specialist knowledge of your clients and their specific reporting requirements are built up over time and often reside within a few key individuals within the business.  In some cases, these requirements may be documented and so can be referenced by other members of the team, but can they be documented in such a way and to a level of detail that anyone can create the report that exactly matches the client requirement?  In times of holiday or sickness, or someone leaving, the knowledge residing only in individuals’ heads is extremely unhelpful to the smooth running of the team and dispatching accurate and timely reports to your clients.

Whilst having the detailed knowledge in someone’s head is never an ideal situation on an on-going basis, it also constrains the business from moving forward and evolving. Typically, this valuable knowledge often resides in the heads of the most experienced people within the reporting team. Which places time demands and inefficient dependencies on those individuals, further preventing them from driving new projects, initiatives and innovations that will benefit the whole team and improve the experience for all clients.

The solution is a reporting system for your client and fund reporting that can be configured for all such client and fund specific requirements.  In this way all the expert knowledge and know-how is securely stored in the system, and the system automatically creates the report to the precise requirements as configured. This model allows any authorised team member to reliably and accurately produce the reports and has the added benefit of freeing up your most experienced people to develop and evolve the role and provide higher levels of service.

Reporting as a Service has achieved a 100% success rate of automating clients’ requirements, being able to fully automate the entire end to end reporting process and exactly match the precise client report, including all client and fund specific variations.  How do we do it? Automated business best practice and a highly flexible and configurable solution – Reporting as a Service.

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