One of the challenges facing wealth and asset managers right now, is the ability to display and update data, text and commentary on their website, on a timely and accurate basis AND (if that isn’t hard enough on its own) wealth and asset managers must also update, at the same time, the data, text and commentary inside documents that are published on their website and/or distributed to clients and 3rd parties.

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Inconsistent publishing of data, text and commentary can cause confusion and be misleading to your clients and potential clients.

If you have old, inflexible or poorly integrated systems, this can be a significant challenge to overcome. No amount of post-production 4-eyes manual checking can properly address the problem, as this takes time, is typically after the update has been made and identifies issues for fixing. It is far better to avoid the problem in the first place.

The best way to address this issue is to have a single central store or ‘mart’ of your reporting content, including reporting data (e.g. market values, asset allocation weights, performance returns etc.), text (e.g. guidelines and restrictions etc.) and commentary (market views, strategy, fund/client specific narrative etc.), and for all your reporting outputs (fund factsheets, client reports, website/portal) to use this single instance of the ‘golden source’ reporting content./p>

This approach allows the reporting documents and website/portal to be automatically and simultaneously updated, and for the reports and website to remain precisely synchronised.

Previously this may have required a significant data warehouse project, before embarking on a commentary management exercise, and report review and finally designing and developing processes to create the automated updates and distribution processes.

With our SaaS system we offer world-class reporting out-of-the-box, and address the issues noted above. Our system is pre-built and simply requires configuration to exactly match your requirements. We have flexible data loaders to receive your data, a full data mart with data validation checks, and a fully automated end to end workflow to monitor and publish all your reports, web site updates and document/data distribution requirements.

When a data item is changed, we automatically re-render all the reports impacted, and re-publish and re-distribute as required. At the same time we publish the reports we update the website/portal, such that the website and the underlying documents remain in sync.

With our solution this is a fully automated process, each step is also logged in the audit trail produced for each report. Our solution is also quick and straight-forward to set-up, and you only pay for the reports produced. We have fixed set-up costs and a standard tariff for reports produced.

Our Reporting as a Service solution turns your existing challenges into your strengths. Perhaps this sounds too good to be true – explore and see for yourself.

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