• Does the report production and the monitoring and tracking rely on manual processes?
  • Is the commentary difficult to integrate, and fit to the space available? Does versioning get out of control, with any updates and last minute changes?
  • Does the distribution process rely on manual attachments and emails?
  • Finally, do you have a complete audit trail to support each and every step within the report preparation, production and publication process, for each and every report?
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By automating your data ingestion and validation, having a customised workflow for the entire end-to-end production process, including commentary acquisition, and having dynamic report templates, you can limit or completely eliminate bottlenecks and delays to your report production and distribution processes, giving you more time to use the reports to service your clients.

Oh and did I mention… it’s quick to set up as the service is based in the cloud, and it’s a pay-per-use, so you only pay for the reports you produce and store in our central library.

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Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula