Generally, truly world-class client communications and reporting systems are typically only able to be justified and afforded by the larger asset managers and wealth managers. However, small and medium sized investment firms generally require just the same levels of accuracy, flexibility and high levels of automation, in order to service their clients in a timely and accurate manner.

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Just because the client is a client of a smaller asset manager, doesn’t mean they want or would accept lower levels of client service and weaker client communications.

Until now, this hasn’t really been possible. However, with the advances in cloud technology and its commonly accepted use in financial services, medium and smaller wealth managers can now gain access to one of the very best client communications and reporting systems – in a way that is both affordable and efficient.

Rather than build and host the entire reporting system in-house, cloud technology allows for the reporting system to be provided as a service. This means that the system is fully installed and implemented in the cloud and configured for each individual investment firm for their entire end to end reporting process, from data collection, data checking, through report production and signoff to automated distribution and filing. The reporting process for each investment firm is fully automated and has a complete audit trail. The reports are configured to the firm’s precise content, layout and branding. The system is accessed by a web browser and used by the firm’s reporting team to produce reports for their clients.

Due to the efficiencies of the cloud and the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the set up or on-boarding timeframe would be measured in weeks, rather than months or years. Just enough time to configure the system for the firm’s users, data, data checks and reports; including content, layout and branding. The efficiency of the model also shows in the set-up charges and on-going costs. Set-up charges are fixed, and on-going monthly production costs are based on the number of reports produced. Very simple and highly transparent.

The cloud based solution means there’s nothing to set up in your technical infrastructure, and investment firms can be live within 3-8 weeks – so much quicker and cheaper than a traditional in-house implementation.

Why not find out more about a cloud based client reporting solution and see how it can help smaller and medium sized firms compete with the larger investment firms. For more information please visit or email [email protected].

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula