10 reasons why LinkedIn

Because RaaS:

  1. Is straight-forward and quick to implement, circa 6 weeks or less.
  2. Automates the entire end to end reporting process, with no manual work.
  3. Can produce client reports and fund reports exactly as required, for each client and fund.
  4. Allows you to service your clients better; with better reports, more quickly and more reliably.
  5. Is cheaper than your current reporting solution.
  6. Is reliable and doesn’t make human errors or mistakes.
  7. Automatically distributes reports to your clients.
  8. Lowers risks; project risk and operational risk.
  9. Future-proofs your reporting and supports your digital strategy.
  10. Is cloud based, scalable and secure.

Reporting as a Service lets you provide the ultimate in client reports and fund factsheets with our cloud-based platform that automates the reporting process and transforms the way reports are produced and distributed.

To find out more about RaaS and how it benefits Asset Management and Wealth Management firms of all shapes and sizes please visit our website at www.opus-nebula.com or contact us at enquiries@opus-nebula.com.

Apologies to my school English teacher, who said never to start a sentence with ‘because’.

Andrew Sherlock
Opus Nebula

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