Why Opus Nebula?

Opus Nebula are fund and client reporting specialists, offering best-in-class, cloud based Reporting as a Service® for the industry, including wealth managers, asset managers and family offices.

The two founding directors have over 50 years of industry experience between them across both the business and IT. This knowledge and experience has been used to create a truly world-class end-to-end reporting service for our customers and their clients. The service is powered by SimCorp Coric and has inherent flexibility, capacity and scale, and being hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud provides security, resilience and power.

Our Reporting as a Service® solution is a complete end-to-end reporting solution. It is a finished and pre-built solution not a tool-kit solution that may require a lengthy and costly project to develop and implement, nor is it an outsource solution where a third party creates the reports for you. Our Reporting as a Service® solution uses your data to produce your reports for your clients, all managed and controlled by your team. What we provide is the system and user dashboards to manage and control your entire reporting process.

The service has been designed to be straight-forward to set up for you – there is nothing to install in your technical environment. The system is securely accessed via a web browser.

Our powerful and flexible data loaders ingest and validate your data prior to the production of client and fund reports to your precise requirements in terms of branding, content and layout. All the data ingestion and validation, the report preparation, production and publication processes and the document and data distribution activities are all controlled and managed by your reporting team, using our simple to operate user dashboards. Considered business best-practice is pre-configured in our solution and delivered to you out-of-the-box.

The benefits of a Reporting as a Service® solution can be wide ranging in terms of speed and ease of implementation, cost reduction and risk control. Opus Nebula provides access to top-level, resilient, automated client reporting, without the cost or upheaval of an in-house implementation. Instead, our solution means you only pay for what you use and the reports you produce.

We have developed an efficient on-boarding process, which is both rapid and repeatable. On-boarding to our solution is measured in weeks, not months or years. Our experience and attention to detail ensures that the completed reports exactly match your requirements, that the system workflows are in harmony with your business operating model, and that your data and written commentary is validated and used exactly as prescribed. Our on-boarding costs are based on a standard fixed tariff – and because of the efficiency of our model, are significantly lower than a traditional reporting system implementation.

The speed and efficiency of the Reporting as a Service® solution will allow your teams to spend more time using the reports to service your clients, rather than spending their time producing, checking and manually dispatching the reports.

Reporting as a Service® means that you remain in control of your data and the report production and distribution process. Opus Nebula provide the systems, security and surety for your reporting teams to be able to produce reports and service your clients accurately, on time and on budget.

If you are interested in finding out more about Reporting as a Service®, please contact us