The concept of Schumpeter’s gale – perfectly describes the “process of creative destruction” currently blowing through the asset and wealth management sector.

Much content has been written describing the pace, direction and critical characteristics of the change brought about by the gale, but change is, and is likely to remain, a firmly established constant. Change can often appear scary however, ON believe that equipped with the right tools, change represents a significant opportunity and should be embraced.

Reporting as a Service fully automates the entire end-to-end reporting process, from data collection and data validation, through report rendering and production to review and sign off. Signed off reports can be automatically distributed and are stored with their individual audit trail. Reporting as a Service delivers the highest levels of reporting flexibility, consistency and quality.

Clients choose us because we revolutionise and simplify their client reporting and servicing, by providing a world-class reporting solution in the shortest timescales available, with fixed set-up fees and pay-per-use pricing for ongoing production.

ON THE MONEY, time after time!

Future-proof your Client and Fund Reporting
Fund Factsheets
Investment Reporting
Content Aware Reports
Commentary Management

“CCLA are now able to provide extremely high quality, bespoke and personalised reporting to our clients.”

Dominic Masterson

Head of Operations, CCLA