Data Integration

Data integration has historically been one of the most time-consuming elements of any reporting system implementation. This is not the case with our Reporting as a Service® solution.

We have a standard data specification for our solution. Deliver your data in the standard format to our SFTP server, or simply email the data to our system, and following validation, the data is immediately integrated into the data mart and is used to populate your reports.

We have also developed powerful and flexible data loaders to allow for the automated integration of other data file formats directly into our system.

As part of the data ingestion process our system undertakes specific data validation checks. This is to ensure the data is accurate and complete prior to being used to create your reports.

With our reporting solution, adding additional data points to a feed and displaying these on a report is very straight-forward and quick. No more long and expensive IT development projects to do this.

Often a full data set can’t be provided at once, and rather than hold up all the reports, we can ingest the data file multiple times. As the data becomes available our system works out which reports can be rendered and which need to wait. Our user-friendly dashboards keep the team informed.

Also, if any data point changes and has to be submitted again, the Reporting as a Service® solution will identify the reports impacted by the data change and automatically re-render them.

A full audit trail is automatically maintained within the system.

Quality data is a fundamental requirement of any reporting system. Data ingestion and validation is a strength of our Reporting as a Service® solution and not a time-consuming and costly exercise typical of a legacy reporting model. Our data feed set-up costs are based on a standard fixed tariff.