Dashboards and Reports

Our user dashboards are simple yet powerful – and give your team complete control over the reporting process. The final reports are your reports – we preconfigure the system to produce reports to your precise layout, content and branding, and can accommodate individual client specific requirements too.

Our dashboards allow users to manage, control and oversee the entire end-to-end report production process. Our workflows automate the reporting processes, and the user dashboards provide oversight over what’s going right, and highlights to the user any exceptions. User dashboards include the following:

  • Overall production summary: management dashboard
  • Data loading, data checking
  • Report scheduling including ‘run now’ and ‘re-run’ options
  • Workflow monitoring: the end-to-end process and audit trail
  • Dynamic report settings: adjust your report content on-the-fly
  • Commentary management: monitor, review, adjust
  • Report review, approval, despatch and storage
  • Access all reports stored in the document library

Fund reports may be run at shareclass level or fund level. Client reports may be run at a portfolio level, and also may be aggregated with other portfolios or mandates to provide consolidated views.

Standard reports include;

  • Fund reports; Factsheets down to share-class level, multi language, multi jurisdiction, including text, commentary, data tables and graphical content
  • KIIDs; Key Investor Information Documents, down to share-class level, multi language, multi jurisdiction
  • Segregated Client Reports; valuation pack, accounting schedules, investment reviews, quarterly reports, client meeting papers, pitch books

The user dashboards provide a full workflow and control mechanism over the entire end-to-end report production process, including data integration and report distribution. The simple to use dashboards allow report production and deadlines to be monitored via a traffic light system, and any issues or delays immediately identified and highlighted to the users for investigation and resolution.

The user dashboards also provide access to the secure storage area for all published reports. All reports are securely filed within the document library, and are available for search and retrieval – so your whole team and company can access all the reports and see the audit trail, without having to save their own copies.

The solution automatically combines client and fund data where the client invests in funds. We produce a highly personalised client report including both client and fund information and content including multiple levels of “look-through”.

Our client portal provides on-line access for your clients to their portfolio information and reports. The login is secure and provides your clients and their advisors instant access to the most up to date information and access to all their reports, past and present.

For a fixed monthly fee the portal is available for your clients and their advisors 24 x 7. The Portal allows for “drill down” analysis and the on-line self-service features allow your clients to review and analyse their portfolio via various criteria.