Delivering more and costing less

The efficiency of Reporting as a Service® allows us to operate with fixed set-up costs and pay-per-use on-going production costs.

Our fixed set-up costs are a fraction of the cost if you were to build your own reporting system. Our pay-per-use report production and storage costs are a fraction of the cost of maintaining and running your own system and environment.

So it is quicker and cheaper to on-board to Reporting as a Service® than build out a ‘tool-kit’ reporting solution or build your own reporting solution from scratch. It is also cheaper to use our pay-per-use model, with our model you only pay for the reports you produce and store each month.

This model represents the future for client reporting

We believe the cost savings are so significant and the reporting solution so flexible and efficient, that firms will have to consider this model. With on-going pressure on management fees and revenues, asset management firms will need to become more efficient and reduce their costs. With our Reporting as a Service® solution they can make the cost savings – whilst improving the client reporting and client servicing. A ‘win-win’ scenario.

Good technology brings good efficiency

We are able to turn up the processing power, such that there is always sufficient power to process your reports in a timely manner, whatever the volume. We can also turn down the processing power in the quieter periods to save cost and energy. We operate a highly cost-efficient model to the benefit of all our customers and their clients.

Once established on our Reporting as a Service® solution, monthly costs are calculated from a standard rate card tariff, based on the number of reports produced and stored. For higher monthly reporting volumes, discounts exist to further reduce the cost per report.

The efficiency of our reporting service translates to increase the efficiency of our customers, in terms of cost efficiency and operational efficiency.