Cloud computing delivered by Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing has developed rapidly over recent years and is having a major impact on the way that computer software and services can be offered. It is now an accepted way to deliver significant computing power quickly and securely. It is increasingly being used within the financial services industry. We believe it represents the future for client and fund reporting.

Our software service is delivered from a data centre run by Microsoft. The data storage is geographically distributed to ensure high levels of security and availability. Microsoft Azure provides the servers and web servers, storage, and computing power; everything required for us to manage and deliver the Reporting as a Service® solution to you. Access is through a bespoke web based portal interface, which, after login to the service, provides you with secure access to your specific area of the system.

There is nothing to install in your technical infrastructure and nothing to install on your computer desktops, access to all the services is via a standard web browser. This simplifies your operating model, your technical infrastructure, including your production and disaster recovery processes.

Another significant benefit of there being no installation requirement of the core systems, there is also no upgrade requirement. Enhancements we make to the dashboards and reports should be reviewed and tested by you, and once approved they are made available in your live environment. This gives you the comfort of always being in control of the reports and the servicing of your clients.